Best Graphics Tablet under 15000 You Can Buy Now


If you are an art enthusiast or practising your take on digital art, a proficient graphic tablet is all you need. It is a wonderful invention that offers a multitude of uses to the customers. With the help of a graphic tablet, you can make aesthetic design, paint, design posters, make logos and many more. There are numerous brands that produce top-notch tablets for all your needs. You can also get the best tab under 15000 in the Indian market. To help you further, here are some of the best graphic tablets under 15000 in India. Read to know more!

  • XP Pen, 11 x 6-inch, Deco Pro M Graphics Tablet

XP Pen is among the top brand that offers incredible graphic tablets in the Indian market. One of its exceptional & modern best tabs under 15000 is XP Pen Deco Pro M Graphics Tablet. This is a newly launched graphic tablet, available for just 10,499 rupees. XP Pen Deco Pro M Graphics Tablet is a fully loaded device with remarkable features, so you can work as you like with a comfortable & enhanced sketching experience.

To make this device extra attractive, it is integrated with a 7 mm curved sheet & an indicator light that glimpses regularly. In addition, with XP Pen Deco Pro M Graphics Tablet you will get a battery-free stylus pen with flexible controls, supreme precision, & fluidic motion that helps you while sketching & creating lines in the sheet.

  • XP Pen, 9 x 5-inch, Deco Pro SW Graphic Tablet

If you are looking for the best tablet under 15000 for graphic designing, you should try XP Pen Deco Pro SW Graphic Tablet. This is a perfect graphic tablet that comes up with easy compatibility & natural smooth transitions. The most attractive feature of this graphic tablet is its tilt eligibility, the tablet itself adjusts according to your hand’s compatibility.

With this smart graphic tablet, you can add sketches, drawings, & shades to your art without any extra effort. Plus, XP Pen Deco Pro SW Graphic Tablet is compatible with thousands of Android applications, you can download any as per your need & convenience. Well, it is an ideal device for a seamless drawing experience, buy it today for just 12,000 rupees.

  • Veikk, 10 x 6 inch, A15 Graphic Tablet

Veikk is a brand that offers artistic-type graphic tablets in the Indian market. This brand has a wide range of graphic tablets, but the best tab under 15000 by Veikk is A15 Graphic Tablet. It is an exceptional offering of just 5,499 rupees that has a 10 x 6 inches display & only 9mm thin. This graphic tablet is easy to use as well as very light to carry, it has a wide surface to make drawings & to work on it.

In addition, Veikk’s A15 Graphic Tablet has a total of 12 functions that make it suitable for both-handed artists. You can adjust the functions of this graphic tablet as per your needs, you can pair it with your ideal software & can maximize its usability.

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  • Huion, 8.9 x 5.6-inch KD200 Graphic Tablet

Huion is a premier type brand in delivering graphic tablets. Huion KD200 Graphic Tablet is one of its widely popular & best tabs under 15000. The design of this device is international, it holds awards like Golden Dot, Good Design, & Red Star in Germany, Taiwan, & China. Huion KD200 Graphic Tablet is a complete set in itself, it is a pen tablet with a dial controller & ergonomic keyboard.

This is a highly efficient graphic tablet in India, for creative artists, this tab is the complete designing studio. With this graphic tablet, you will get a high-end experience along with no extra gadgets. It is one of the best tablets you can get under a budget in India. 

  • XP Pen, 10 x 5.6-inch, Deco Graphic Tablet

XP-Pen Deco Graphic Tablet is a modern digital pad. This is a perfect combination with a laptop, desktop, MacBook, iMac, & even high-end tablets. With this smart graphic tablet, you can take your creativity to another level and your success in graphic designing beyond imagination,

This graphic tablet has a stain-like finish that makes it look elegant & provides an easy grip while using it. In addition, the work area of the XP-Pen Deco Graphic Tablet is extra wide & has EMR technology which makes it the best tab under 15000. With exclusive integration and connectivity option this tablet is one of the best models that you can consider buying for yourself. 

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