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The Internet Computer is an innovative new method for hosting applications that is more difficult to terminate, more secure, and simpler for developers to operate. These three advantages of security, decentralization, and ease of use have been made possible by numerous improvements in technology.

Under May of 2021, after having been in development since 2016, the Internet Computer’s primary network was finally placed into operation. Since the beginning of the project in May, the number of canisters, which are advanced smart contracts, that are active on the Internet Computer as well as the total number of Internet Identities have increased at an exponential rate. It is anticipated that close to 400 million blocks would have been produced by the time the year comes to a close.

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Over View of ICP

However, there are still issues occurring with the network. If the internet were decentralized, it might result in a platform in which everyone shared the same degree of responsibility, but it also might result in total anarchy. Suddenly, there is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the process of removing anything that is illegal or harmful. Stanley Jones, the technical manager of DFINITY, thinks this is frightening, but Facebook also makes it difficult to delete anything once it has been posted. You approach them with a question: “Hey, are you able to remove these movies?” He responds with “Sure” They feel that it is beneath them. The answer to this question depends, at least in part, on how Mark Zuckerberg is feeling on any given day.

In addition, Internet Computer is not the only company to engage in business practices such as these. Solid is a blockchain that provides app developers with the capabilities necessary to create decentralized social networking applications without the need for a centralized server. The person responsible for the development of the Internet into what it is today, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, is currently in charge of it. More than five years have passed since Solid began development on its blockchain, and the firm is still working hard to establish a positive reputation for itself.

When Internet Computer first introduced its mainnet in May, SA Shares praised it as a worthwhile endeavor that held a great deal of potential and predicted that it would one day win widespread acclaim all around the world. The value of the native token has significantly decreased, which means that this has not yet taken place.

When CoinBureau stated that the mainnet had the potential to “reboot the internet” and halt those who were preventing the innovations that networks require to grow, it gave people reason to have optimism.

Many evaluations of Internet Computer point out that the current iteration of the internet is plagued with issues, and that ICP is a potential answer to these issues. It is difficult to conceive a scenario in which everyone and every business will convert to the new internet service offered by DFINITY.

On the other hand, Bitcoin has demonstrated that there is a sizable market for individuals who are interested in decentralized options.

What is the current value of the Internet Computer’s coin collection?

In preparation for the introduction of Internet Computer in 2021, a total of 469,213,710 ICP tokens were produced. When a user accomplishes anything that earns them a token, like as voting on a network decision or hosting a node, new tokens are generated.

Who was the first person to build a computer that could connect to the internet?

Dominic Williams, the man who established the DFINITY Foundation, is responsible for the creation of Internet Computer, a decentralized alternative to the traditional internet. May 2021 saw the launch of both the network and the associated coin.

What makes Internet Computer unique?

Computers connected to the internet make use of decentralized internet technology. The market is sustained not by a limited number of firms but rather by the users who both host and make use of the network. The ambitious goal of this project is to return ownership of the internet to its original founders as well as its users.

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