A Case Study of UF Canvas of E-Learning Market, In 2025 Will reach to $325


A recent study conducted by UF Canvas found that the market for e-learning is one of the most rapidly expanding sectors on the globe, with revenues expected to reach $325 billion by the year 2025. The sector reached the milestone of $107 billion that was expected by experts to be reached in 2015, and it is still gaining steam and momentum. Where did all of this phenomenal expansion originate from? On a worldwide scale, the market for e-learning, in its current iteration, is still in its infancy. E-learning is generally thought to have been started by LinkedIn Learning, which was formerly known as Lynda.com and is regarded as the 800-pound gorilla in the field of e-learning by the majority of industry professionals. Read More

The e-learning behemoth raised 103 million dollars in venture money in 2013, and only two years later, LinkedIn purchased the company for a stunning $1.3 billion. When looking at the purchase of LinkedIn and its standing in the market, it is simple to see that a large portion of the momentum is related to the way in which organisations recruit, hire, and train their assets. This is easily seen by looking at the way in which LinkedIn was acquired (employees). All of this is a component of a revolution taking place on a global scale. People are not only utilising the vast capacity and reach of the internet to locate job and business prospects, but they are also using this space to better equip themselves to take advantage of these chances once they have found them. Read More

More than $46 billion in income was earned through online courses in 2017, with a significant amount of that income being generated by educational institutions of higher learning. When students look for online courses, the University of Florida, which is one of the major users of the Canvas LMS, has become a consistent result in online searches by those students. It is interesting to see that the majority of the autonomous institutions that come up in search results all link back to the Lynda.com website. The industry acknowledges Lynda.com, which is now known as LinkedIn Learning, for the streamlined and applicable approach to education that it takes. The fact that these e-learning platforms may be accessible from any location constitutes a further significant factor that is functioning as an important factor that is working as a catalyst in the rapid expansion of the sector.

E-learning is not only more cost-effective than traditional classroom instruction but also more flexible and forward-thinking in the way it presents educational opportunities to students. Students can access their courses from anywhere in the world and have unrestricted access to all of the materials.

One thing that should be brought to your attention is the fact that, although educational establishments constitute a sizable component of the present industry, the market as a whole is diversifying in an increasingly widespread manner. Platforms such as LinkedIn Learning are being utilised by a growing number of large and medium-sized businesses to provide their workforces with access to online educational opportunities. This subfield of the business is experiencing quick expansion. An additional sector that is flourishing is that of the self-directed learner who is eager to broaden their horizons intellectually and professionally. People who want to make themselves more valuable in particular industries are flocking to participate in online courses in order to accomplish their objectives. The evolution of economic conditions across the world, according to the opinions of a number of experts, will cause the latter group to emerge as the key impetus for expansion of the sector.

The expansion of the sector is also taking place on the side of the equation that deals with providers. The Canvas LMS model, which is used by LinkedIn Learning, is without a doubt the dominant force in the industry. However, the development of and demand for online courses is a rapidly expanding force in the sector, and an increasing number of individuals who have achieved a certain level of expertise in their field are beginning to make those courses available to a wider audience through the medium of the internet. It is anticipated that this sector of the business will expand in the next few years. To get from where the sector is presently sitting, he says that over the next four to five years, there will be a lot of chances for individuals who are interested in entering the industry.

Even public libraries are subscribing to Lynda.com, and if you have a valid library card, you will get free access to the programme. Lynda.com is becoming increasingly popular. Those individuals who are unable to pay for the services through the standard channels would profit tremendously from this opportunity. Learning management systems (LMS) such as Schoology LMS, Absorb LMS, Instructure Canvas LMS, and Moodle LMS for education are among the many that are excelling in their respective industries at the present time. Moodle also provides a product called Moodle Workplace for use in corporate education.

According to a recent study, 87 percent of educational institutions use Canvas, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace, or Moodle as their primary online learning platform, with Blackboard emerging as the clear winner in terms of popularity. According to the findings of certain research, even high school students are embracing online study aids such as Quizlet to supplement their education. There is one thing that can be said with absolute certainty about this situation, and that is the fact that opportunities are becoming available across the board in this sector.

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