Why Does My Skin Turn Green After Wearing Pandora Jewelry?


You know the usual: you recently bought a stunning new Pandora jewelry piece and can not wait to flaunt it! You accessorize it with a fashionable dress, and as the evening progresses, you notice that you are carrying a green ring on your hand or arm.

But why does Pandora jewelry make my skin glow green? It’s not just you! Unlike common assumptions, jewelry causes your skin to glow green as a reaction. The kind of jewelry material and how it reacts with moisturizing creams or chemicals on your body causes an ugly green tint.

Why is the skin turning green from the jewelry?

Quite likely, using copper jewelry caused your skin to change color. Nevertheless, several jewelry metals might make your skin change color. In essence, it’s an oxidizing process that happens when specific jewelry metals are in contact with the skin. Jewelry composed primarily of copper frequently causes discolorations. It is crucial to remember that skin darkening caused by jewelry isn’t the same as an allergy or cutaneous sensitivity.

It is a frequent response to some metals; acquiring green skin from them doesn’t harm or damage your skin. Users are experiencing a negative allergic response to the metal instead of a chain reaction if the skin is itching or red.

Which Jewelry Causes Skin to Turn Green?

As previously hammered home, copper is the frequent primary cause of skin discoloration. That said, exposure to silver and gold metals also can cause hyperpigmentation. Why? It’s uncommon to find gold or silver jewelry entirely made of one metal. Merely said, they are also too delicate to be utilized by themselves as jewelry.

  1. For this reason, combining elements with mixtures is common practice to reinforce them. In what metals were alloys utilized? Bam! Both copper & nickel are prone to stain skin. Does skin tan-ness affect everyone in the same way? Regrettably, many people are more prone to skin darkening because of their biological reactions and genetics.
  2. Carboxylate copper particles are produced whenever copper is combined with skin sweat; these particles then seep into the skin & cause it to change color. It is thought that this procedure has health advantages, such as arthritic and circulatory problems being relieved.

Tips For Preventing Green Skin From Pandora Jewelry

  • Wear copper jewelry lightly or even occasionally and for a brief period.
  • Get your jewelry rhodium-plated to add a barrier of safety between it and the skin and to lengthen a piece’s lifetime.
  • On warm days, avoid wearing outlet jewelry that causes your weekly mega complexion to change color since sweat is the primary source of jewelry metals oxidizing on the skin & causing discoloration.
  • To avoid corrosion against the skin, wipe your jewelry frequently to get rid of any dust, fluids, creams, or detergent particles that might stick to it.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry when swimming since copper or chlorine reacts violently with the skin.

As you’ll see, if coupled with the conditions, most alloys and metals cornhole induce skin discoloration. Pigment darkening, though, is neither dangerous nor lasting. By implementing these instructions, you can reduce skin discoloration, allowing anyone to resume wearing your lovely Pandora outlet jewelry.

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