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The company staff, who have spent years in real estate and following the new developments in this field, determine the options of land, areas, and flats for sale by the criteria you are looking for throughout Turkey. The company also has digital solutions that offer practical solutions in this regard. The promotional video of the real estate offered for sale on TV provides a suitable solution. Turkey Real Estate options are updated for all domestic and foreign customers.

The company, which produces solutions throughout Turkey, especially in Istanbul, offers a solution option for everyone, including foreign citizens. In addition to the possibilities of two plus one or three plus apartments, villas, detached houses, and apartments are included in the service program. The neighborhood you are looking for and the general features of the apartment you are looking for create a search analysis.

Turkey Real Estate Market

Time is precious to everyone, and it’s also essential to the real estate world. The team sets out with experts in this field by considering the city, neighborhood, and apartment criteria. The options suitable for the customer’s requirements are presented to the customer, and information about the possibilities is given. Among the options, the most suitable ones are examined on the spot. The firm specializes in Turkey Real Estate andfollows the official transactions.If the customer decides, the contract is signed, and the title deed transactions are started.

The company, which employs expert personnel in title deed follow-up processes and considers new developments, prioritizes security in transactions such as title deed transfer and money transfer. The official procedure carries out deed transactions without any misunderstanding.

The company, which performs the purchase and sale of flats with practical, up-to-date, and effective methods, works on a commission basis. Continuing to provide real estate services in the commission and purchase/sales category, the company produces objective solutions by bringing together the buyer and the seller. Considering the regional differences in Turkey Real Estate services, the company continues to create solutions for foreign investors at the address https://www.melares.com/.

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