Top 5 Myths of Real Estate You Need to Know



The myths of real estate are numerous because it is a vast & expanded market.A veteran who has spent time seeing how the industry works & knows which builders/developers are reliable wouldn’t believe them. Myths are the miscommunicated & rumored things that have nothing to do with reality. Many developers in Pakistan have served exceedingly successful projects, one after another & have broken all kinds of related myths. It includes Lahore Smart City and Capital smart city & many other projects.

Many myths may affect the reputation of authentic & genuine people in the real estate world. Therefore, it is important to mention them to make the industry safer.

Top 5 Real Estate World Myths:

The real estate industry has innumerable myths attached over the years & has had huge impacts. Whether it was general rumors, false plotting or any other means, we have collected the top 5 myths you need to know. 

Proposed infrastructure vs Actual Development Difference:

One of the biggest myths about the real estate world is believing that the proposed/on-page design & infrastructure of a housing society will differ from that of the final development. Yet, if you look at the biggest, most experienced & trusted builders in the country who have worked for years, you will know how this is just a myth. Whatever promises were made have always been delivered.

The trusted developers have permanently opted to take the housing societies to ultra-modern, world-class & lavish heights. Therefore, erase the myth that the final product/completion of the housing society you want to invest in would not be the same as was promised. Instead, make sure to invest in experienced & trusted builders.

Real Estate for a specific class:

Another big myth is that the luxurious & splendid housing societies are for the wealthy & elite class & THAT Only a particular section of the society can afford it. This notion is not only untrue but non-sensible too. The entire idea of the real estate industry is to make the perfect, modern & lavish societies available to everyone out there. But, make it “affordable” enough so every social class can find a place for themselves. It is proven through the work of all the gigantic & skilled builders. Whether it is the promising looking Park view city Lahore, New metro city Gujar Khan or any other. So, it’s high time to burst the myth & choose the modern lifestyle for yourself.

The highly flexible payment plans with easy installment plans prove that the real estate world is for everyone.

Unpredictable Future:

People often have this misconception that investing before the development of the housing starts might create a big problem later on. It could be because the infrastructure might not turn out like expected, the uncertainty in the price ranges later, getting scammed in any way or generally fearing that the housing society would not be complete. All these myths go out of the window when one invests in the name of the trusted, reliable & skilled people in the real estate industry.


Online Unreliability:

Some people believe connecting online to the developers or dealers is unreliable & does not work. Therefore, it would either be a scam or the facts are incorrect. This belief is just one big misconception & has nothing to do with reality.


Of course, you need to be conscious while investing in the real estate industry but believing that the online method would not serve you is just not true. Make things simpler for you & connect with reliable resources like Estate Land Marketing to get authentic updates. You can also go in person to see the groundwork & reality. Apart from that, some people rely heavily on online bookings, e.g., booking & paying online without even visiting the site once could be a problem. So, only online reliability could also create problems. Therefore, it goes both ways.


 More Pricey means More Profitable

One of the most common myths about the real estate industry is thinking that if the housing project is expensive and has high price demands for certain plot allocations, it will be a very profitable investment in the future. This notion, however, is nothing but non-sensible thinking. Therefore, anybody who has seen how the real estate industry works would know that numerous factors play a vital role in deciding the price ranges for a housing society. It includes the location of the project, which are the trusted builders, the offered amenities & at what time you are investing. These factors decide if your property/investment will be profitable.


Moreover, when it comes to payment plan, many societies including Blue World City, capital Smart city & more, providing a world-class lifestyle in an affordable range. 


Myths & misconceptions are quite a frequent phenomenon in the real estate world that may cause infinite problems. Your experience should be seamless & enjoyable throughout & it is only possible if you avoid the myths roaming in the industry. The real estate industry is an exceptionally dedicated space & you need to be wise enough to make a decision. We believe your experience should not be less enjoyable because of rumors.


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