In the second season of Alchemy of Souls, Go Yoo-jung will take the place of Jung So-min.


In the second season of Alchemy of Souls, there is a shift in the relationship between the female protagonist and Go Yoon Jung and the function that she plays.

TVN’s newest fantasy love drama, “Alchemy of Souls,” was created by the well-known screenwriting pair known as the Hong Sisters. “Alchemy of Souls” can be seen on TVN. The story takes place in the made-up country of Daeho, which does not exist and is not shown on any maps or historical documents. The plot of the play follows a cast of individuals whose futures are changed as a result of the usage of magic that rewrites people’s souls. These characters’ stories are told via the perspective of the play’s plot.

In the drama, Go Yoon Jung plays the part of Nak Soo, whose spirit is mysteriously reawakened in the body of Mu Deok, who is represented by Jung So Min.

On the 12th of July, a news source claimed that filming for the second part of “Alchemy of Souls” had begun and that Go Yoon Jung had been cast in the role of the female protagonist. The news source also stated that the character of the female protagonist will be played by Go Yoon Jung. They went on to explain that the second part would consist of ten episodes and that all of the other cast members would appear in it, performing the same parts as they did in the first part. All of these roles will be carried over from the first section.

During an earlier press conference for the drama, director Park Joon Hwa mentioned that they are currently filming Part 2 because they are unable to include everything in the original 20 episodes of the drama. This is due to the fact that they were unable to include everything in the original 20 episodes.

It is hard to confirm the details related to Part 2 since it could be a spoiler for Part 1, which is now being shown, according to a source close to “Alchemy of Souls,” who replied to the reports by saying: “It is impossible to confirm the details linked to Part 2.”

The statement that was produced by Jung So Min’s management business, Blossom Entertainment, can be found below. “We ask for your tolerance since we aren’t authorised to disclose to you whether or not she will be in Part 2 because doing so might expose critical elements of Part 1,” the statement said. The statement was reiterated by Go Yoon Jung’s management company, MMA, who represented her.

TVN’s “Alchemy of Souls” addressed the rumours that the female lead role in the upcoming Part 2 of the drama would be recast with Go Yoon Jung rather than Jung So Min.

On July 12th, tvN responded to persistent rumours by denying that the female lead role in the drama series “Alchemy of Souls” will be recast with Go Yoon Jung instead of Jung So Min in the upcoming second instalment of the series. This rumour has been circulating for quite some time.

One news outlet reported earlier this week that work on the second instalment of “Alchemy of Souls” had begun, and that Go Yoon Jung would assume the part of the female protagonist in the film. The announcement was made earlier this week. According to the article, Jung So Min, who portrays the female heroine in the first instalment of the series, had initially only agreed to participate in the first instalment of the series when she signed her contract to be a part of it. A number of significant characters, such as Lee Jae Wook, Yoo Joon Sang, and others, will make subsequent appearances in Part 2 of the story.

The short comment that was provided by tvN was, “Any facts regarding Part 2 cannot be shared at this time since they may function as a spoiler for Part 1, which is now broadcast.”

Before “Alchemy of Souls” was ever televised, the director Park Jun Hwa had already announced that the show would be broken up into two parts. Later on this month, the completion of Part 1 is scheduled to take place, but the airing date for Part 2 has not yet been decided upon at this time.

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