How to Prepare for a Bus Trip


You are going on a trip and happened to have tickets only for the bus. Or this option turned out to be the fastest way to get to the desired city. Immediately there are a number of questions: how to sleep in uncomfortable chairs, what to take with you, is there a toilet, how to save ears and nerves when the neighbors snore, you cannot enjoy a real money online casino South Africa, and children scream…

Find a solution to the problems in advance, even if you like to travel by bus. After all, the road can take from four hours to several days.

What to Take With You, and What to Put in the Trunk

Be prepared that in the bus you will have much less personal space than in the train or even possibly on the plane. So don’t take large items in the cabin, they will interfere with you and other passengers.

It’s better to scatter things in three bags at once. The first, the biggest one, would go in the trunk. You can put what you don’t need on the bus.

The second is the middle one, which will go with you in the cabin. There may be warm clothes, food, water, a power bank, headphones and other small things that you’re sure to use on the road.

And the third is the smallest one, which should not be anywhere, but by the heart. You will put your documents, money, bank cards, keys, phone, and all the most valuable things. The bag will be next to you, and even at bus stops you should always take it with you.

How to Sleep on a Long Journey

Stretching out as a whole isn’t possible. At most – to recline the seat to take at least a half-lying position. Try not to hit the head of the neighbor, who just bent over to tie the shoelaces. Read more about Hiking Backpack

Some buses provide plaids, but not always so luckily. You can find this out in advance from the carrier – usually their contacts are listed on the tickets. Therefore, it’s better to take something warm to cover, and a small pillow – will do as usual square, and a special curved, which imitates the shape of the neck.

Take earplugs with you. Believe me, even if you sleep soundly, this little thing will save your sleep. There are bound to be small children, chatty passengers, or snoring neighbors. It’s not very comfortable to sleep on the bus as it is, so any annoying factor is amplified several times over.

And another necessary thing is sleep goggles. Sometimes the light from the streetlights can be so bright that it prevents you from sleeping.

From my own experience: take a change of shoes or at least a change of socks. If a person has been sitting in shoes for many hours in a row and then suddenly decided to take them off … In general, you shouldn’t do so: not everyone is ready to hold his breath for a long time. It is better to immediately change into slippers or wear light outdoor shoes. In winter or autumn there is snow and slush everywhere, so just take a change of clothes, and warm shoes put into a bag. You can either throw them in the luggage compartment above the seat or under the seat.

What to Take With Food on the Road

We will talk about foods that will not spoil in the heat, about snacks and little tricks.

There will be stops along the bus route where you can surely have a snack or even a hearty meal. Drivers often work on the same routes, so as a rule, they choose only proven places where they eat themselves. Therefore, parking lots will be near cafes and restaurants with quality food that will not lead to indigestion.

If you still want to take something with you, proceed from four principles: liquid – will spill, fragile – will crumble, perishable – will spoil, strong-smelling – will smell strong.

The easiest option: sandwiches, sandwiches, hamburgers, which can be wrapped in paper and put into a bag. You can get all kinds of fruit, candy bars, snack bars, and snacks of all kinds. Drinks are better to take in a bottle: if the bus jerks, while you hold a cup or thermos mug with hot tea, you can spill yourself, all around, and even burn yourself.

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