What is the difference between a strobe light and a beacon light?


If you are the one in charge of buying the new warning lights for your company, whether they are for your work vehicles or the warehouse, you need to understand which ones you need to purchase. Before you know which one to buy, you must know the difference between the types of lights. To help you, we will examine the differences between a strobe light and a light beacon.


Technology has taken the beacon light from 4 revolving bulbs to a single halogen bulb with reflectors that revolve around it. Although the technology has improved over the years, these light beacons will need regular maintenance and are subject to mishaps. They can be easily damaged, they are susceptible to wearing out or breaking due to the harsh climate and rough roads; the bulbs need to be replaced regularly. When your job is fixing bumpy roads, that can be a big factor in the safety of workers and the public travelling on the road. If your amber safety light beacons aren’t working properly, they won’t warn others of the hazardous situation.


The next layer of technology from the halogen light beacon is the LED strobe light. These are becoming more popular. The reason they have become so prevalent is that they need considerably less maintenance and they are more versatile. They have no bulbs that need replacing or moving parts, and they stand up to the harshness of the Australian environment much better. Although they are more expensive than halogen light beacons, strobe lights can be programmed.


There are several things you need to consider before purchasing any light beacons or strobe lights; they include:

  • What is its use?
  • Where will it be used?
  • How will it be powered?
  • How often can maintenance be performed?
  • What is the budget?

By understanding the answers to these questions, you will understand whether it’s strobe lights or light beacons that will work best for your company. You’ll notice we put the budget at the bottom of the list, this is because there are times when the ongoing maintenance costs may outweigh the initial outlay. If you have to drive 300 kilometres to do maintenance on a light beacon regularly, the extra cost of an LED light beacon will be worth it.


When you’re ready to order, or if you have more questions, then we recommend you turn to the team at RS. With their expert advice, you will get the right light beacons or strobe lights for your job. They have over 1500 light beacons in their catalogue, with various colours, light effects, power supply, mounting abilities, and much more.

There are a few differences between beacon lights and strobe lights, with the main two being the maintenance factor and the initial costs. Whether you know what you want or you’re still unsure, contact the team at RS.

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