Top potential cryptocurrencies to look for in 2022


Cryptocurrency is now a common topic of interest for people around the world. The wave came after the inception of the first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, founded by a mysterious developer, popularly known as Satoshi Nakamoto. It was an answer to the traditional fiat money that we have been familiar with now. Unlike them, they are peer-to-peer monetary technology where there is no need for central authority dependence. Users can now have authority over their money. After the success of Bitcoin, came the following of more alternatives popularly called ‘altcoins’. However, not all became successful and crashed. But there are potential cryptocurrencies that you can look forward to in 2022.

These are the top cryptocurrencies that make the best choice for investment. When it comes to cryptocurrencies they are new monetary technology in digital form. This makes them distinctive from your physical money. It won’t be wrong to term them online cash. Like we keep our money in the leather purse, crypto coins are kept safely in digital wallets. Those who are new to the crypto world must explore all the topics on several crypto websites, like Cryptoknowmics. Here you can search for the answer to the question like where to buy Shia

Witnessing the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, people often get excited about doing investments. Plus, there have been constant changes in the crypto industry, and the interests of investors who now have a bunch of options in the form of numerous altcoins. But there they need to be very careful as these are volatile assets, which means prices can swing up or down at any time. Invest in a smaller amount so that you can bear the minimum loss. And this is also important for you to know that the crypto that has been on top, might fall apart the next.  Buy Xanax Online

Top potential cryptocurrencies to look for in 2022

Now let us list down those cryptocurrencies that have the potential to compete with Bitcoin, and are good choices to look for in the current year. 


Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency to have made its debut operation on 3rd January 2009. It came during the inflation time as an answer to fiat money becoming an alternate option. Today, it has become undervalued crypto to purchase at present. Bitcoin holds the reputation of being the top-rated crypto asset in market capitalization. 

In terms of value and price, BTC has been in a pitiful phase, as in the first few months of the current year, its price levels have been from less than $27K to $34K. It is currently priced at $29,271.88. However, there are expectations that this global famed crypto would make $74K by the year-end. Hence, you can prefer it for investment. 

Binance Coin

Coming up to another option in the list of potential cryptocurrencies is Binance Coin. The name of this coin is itself a hint that it is a native cryptocurrency of the world’s popular exchange Binance. BNB is referred for investment and processing of payments. You can also make the best use of BNB for booking travel arrangements. Plus, it can also be exchanged with other cryptos like BTC and ETH. Knowing this, it has performed best like other top cryptocurrencies. $288.56 is the current price of Binance Coin.


ApeCoin comes as the best choice in the category of top potential cryptocurrencies in 2022. The launching of this gaming coin came in this new year (2022). Bored Ape Yacht Club is credited to be the team behind it. The platform is built of ten thousand NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This ERC-20 cryptocurrency comes with utility features and governance. At the time when it was launched in early 2022, its price was $6.40. 


Avalanche also joins the list of top cryptocurrencies that have potential. It is one of the top cryptocurrencies for investment. Avalanche can be defined as an open and smart contracts platform for DApps. But are these reasons enough to make AVAX a good investment? Well, the answer is yes. We are saying this because many have experienced great profits by investing in it. So it won’t be wrong in saying that Avalanche is indeed highly profitable. Current price: $22.36.


Coming to the last on the list is Ethereum. It is the second-most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. So if you choose to invest in this altcoin, then let us tell you that it is a good choice to go with. Its current price is $1,594.23.

Ending note

So these are the potential cryptocurrencies that you can go for in 2022. But whenever you choose to do investment in any crypto, then better be careful as these are volatile assets. Their prices can change at any hour. So invest in smaller amounts to avoid heavy losses. Ask an expert before taking a risk. 

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