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Custom packaging boxes are an influential way of increasing product value and raising their display aesthetics over shelves. These boxes come in several sizes, and brands can also get them in a custom size that makes them a fit option for all types of items. Meanwhile, this customization also aids to make the packaging design unique with the help of several custom features. Most prominent of them are die-cutting, foiling, scoring, or embossing the boxes with a logo and creating a pop-out effect. On the other hand, visual design is also personalized with brand detailing and printed using the CMYK color schemes supported printers.

Use of the custom packaging boxes is considered a way of success for all businesses selling their items through retail and online stores. However, there are several factors to consider for these boxes in order to get the full advantage. The use of graphics and printing them over these boxes is of high importance in this regard. The use of graphical and information images always plays a role in increasing the visibility of products and making the packaging look more attractive. Here are a few tips to enhance the value and aesthetics of these boxes concerning printing graphic images.

Use real product images for custom packaging boxes

The use of imagery in the visual design layout of the cardboard packaging is much important. It has become a significant way to highlight the presence of products in retail stores and over the shelves. However, the selection of the images is much essential. Mainly, experts recommend it selecting according to the nature of products. It is much essential in the case of all eatables bakery items to use real product images. It plays a significant role to play with the moods of customers. Real imagery for the bakery items like cupcakes or pizza makes the customers irresistible to make a quick purchase. It effectively influences their moods. Moreover, it is of equal importance in the case of the non-consumables that are used in daily life. It also includes cosmetics and other fashion items. However, you can use animated images for products related to small kids.

Get the graphical visual design in CMYK

Several brands ignore the factor of getting the design file containing the graphical design layout file in CMYK. It is much important as fetching the ordinary file to the printers would create some issues in the colors over the printed cardboard packaging. Usually, the ordinary file downloaded from a web browser does not support modern printers. On the other hand, a slight difference was noted between the color of printed boxes and the design file. This color variation could be avoided by getting this design file in CMYK. It locks the color ratio and brands can get the design with the same colors as shown in the file. Risking over it could damage the brand repute as customers would get it as a non-professional approach and would build a negative perception. Moreover, customers could also imagine your real products as a local replica in targeting the international market.

Choose a non-bleeding printing substrate

The selection of the printing substrate is of vital importance. All of the effectiveness of the graphical design depends on this single factor. There are several different types of materials out there in the market to manufacture custom boxes. However, custom cardboard boxes remain more successful in this regard. Cardboard is a perfect material to print any sort of design over it. On the other hand, any sort of printer can easily process cardboard sheets. You can use corrugated cardboard or rigid cardboard according to the need of the products and considering the safety aspect. It is a non-bleeding material as it perfectly absorbs the printing inks. You would not face the issues like ink spread over the box during the printing process which indicates the non-profession attitude of a brand.

Use high-resolution images to use in the design

Few startups know less about graphic printing over cardboard packaging and skip the technical aspects. Make sure that you are not using low-quality graphic images or designs to print over the packaging. Such images are stretched during the printing and hence lose their quality. Distorted pixels of the design does not give an appealing look to the product packaging. Ultimately, catching the attention of customers also becomes difficult. Therefore, always consider using the high-resolution images that you are using in the design. Similarly, download and forward the file to the packaging or printing firms that are of high quality. It is better to get the design from the same packaging firms as their designers know all about such technical aspects and could provide you with an aesthetically appealing design.

Print custom packaging boxes with modern printers

Another way to enhance the value and appeal of the cardboard box packaging with graphic printing is by choosing modern printers. Always consider whom you are partnering with for the production and printing of your custom boxes. Usually, some firms still work with obsolete printing methods that do not provide an appealing output. Always partner with a firm that uses modern digital printers or works with the lithography printing method. Both the offset and digital printers support the CMYK design files as well. It will further make graphic printing more effective and appealing. It is better to choose digital printers if you are buying a limited packaging stock. However, always choose the offset printers for the bulk graphic printing over your custom boxes.

In the end, do not compromise over any of the single factors mentioned in this guide. Caring about these aspects will improve the graphic printing process of your custom boxes from every aspect. Ultimately, you would become able to get a design that would fascinate the customers on first look and create a lasting impression on them. More customers will engage with your products and will also admire the aesthetics of your design.

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