Tips For Average Students To Crack Defence Exams


Some pessimistic people spread rumors that only academic toppers can crack defence exams. Some average students believe in whatever they say and judge their capability accordingly. They doubt their worth and skip the thought of preparing for the defence exam. If you are doing the same, you need to understand that your academic performance won’t decide your future. You can still put in laborious efforts and do much better to be a perfect fit for defence forces. 

Do you aim to earn and wear the prestigious uniform of defence forces? Well, is the thought of being an average student in school and college dragging you away from working for it? If yes, this article will change your mind and boost your confidence to get ready for the defence exam. Well, if you are still doubtful and need splendid guidance to prepare for the CDS exam, you can consider approaching a platform that conducts excellent CDS coaching in Chandigarh.

Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned pointers to know the way to crack the defence exam being an average student in the academic exams: 

Build Positive Attitude 

If you are also thinking that average students can’t crack this strenuous written exam, then you need to shun this thought straightaway. Well, if someone is convincing you to believe it, just turn a deaf ear and don’t pay any heed. Instead, build a positive attitude and remind yourself that you have the ability to do it. The more you believe in your capabilities, the more you will be able to do every task with full efficiency. Remember that you can’t build an optimistic attitude until you completely avoid people you try to pull your leg. Therefore, stay away from such people and just focus on your goals. 

Make A Fruitful Study Plan 

A rewarding study plan is essential to put efforts in the right direction. So before doing anything, prioritize your timetable. Properly observe the syllabus and exam pattern and devise a timetable that can help you cover all the concepts. You need to consider a bunch of factors to craft a suitable timetable. Here are some points you must take care of while crafting a study plan for defence exam preparation: 

  • Fix daily targets but make sure to set realistic targets that you can accomplish easily. 
  • Give equal importance to every subject. Don’t try to overlook easy subjects. 
  • Don’t set long hours of study sessions, instead, include small breaks after 1 hour of each session. 
  • Allocate more tasks to cover during productive hours of the day. genyoutube download youtube video

Practice Every Type Of Question


Can you imagine achieving high scores in the exam by just practicing a single type of question? Obviously not! There will be a variety of questions in the exam you need to solve. Therefore, you need to practice every type of question to get your hands on each type. Otherwise, you might get stuck on some questions which will consume a lot of time in the exam. Hence, you may not get enough time to solve the questions you already know. So avoid getting in such a situation by practicing every type of question during defence exam preparation. 

Take Care Of Your Health 

Don’t neglect your health even though you are really busy preparing for the exam. Your health matters the most because you can only work at your fullest capacity if you are physically and mentally fit. Therefore, take proper measures to keep yourself healthy throughout defence exam preparation in order to boost your energy to work more. Here are some self-care tips you can follow while preparing for the defence exam: 

  • Drink 2-3 liters of water everyday to stay hydrated, active and vibrant. 
  • Sleep for adequate hours to avoid sleep deprivation. 
  • Do exercise regularly to freshen up your mind and body. 
  • Take some time to do meditation and yoga to calm your mind. 

Stay Focused 

Are you giving undivided attention to concepts while preparing for the government exam? If not, then how would you be able to ace the defence exam? Remember that you need to study with 100% focus if you want to grasp everything perfectly. Well, if something in your study area is distracting you, you must take a step forward to eliminate it from your space. For instance, if your phone is beeping on every notification and your mind is wandering to check that notification, you can either put your phone on silent or place it outside of your study room. Whenever there will be no distracting element to disturb you, you will be able to study attentively. 

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Summing up 

To sum up, leave your worries and stop thinking that you aren’t able to crack the defence exam. Forget what you have done in school/college and start putting effort to do your best in the defence exam. To prepare perfectly for the defence exam, you can consider following the pertinent tips. 

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