The Best Roblox Games in 2024


There’s no shortage of Roblox games. You’ve got thousands to choose from, which is both a blessing and a curse. We figured we would go through some of the top games and provide you with some recommendations for where you should be focusing your attention for Roblox games in 2024.

Anime Champions Simulator

OK. Anime Champions Simulator may be cutting it a bit fine when it comes to ‘using IP’, but if you love anime, then you’ll want to play it. You gather ‘fighters’ from popular Japanese manga, and then fight bosses. It is a game still in its early stages, but it is a ton of fun to play. You can pick yourself up a few extra goodies in game if you get a cheap Robux gift card too.

Blade Ball

We always love ourselves a good game of dodgeball in person, so when we learned that there was something similar in Roblox (OK, to be fair, there is a lot similar), we had to check it out. Blade Ball is probably the best dodgeball game on the platform. It is fast to play, and plenty to dodge and avoid. Tons of maps too. Highly recommended!

Cotton Obby

Cotton Obby is a game that you probably won’t play too much, maybe just once or twice, but it is fun. There seems to be a massive rise in the number of parkour games hitting Roblox as of late, and Cotton Obby is one of those parkour games. In fact, it is one of the best, since it is made by the best designers. Cotton Obby is a quick course, but highly relaxing to play. There are no time limits, and you can really put your Roblox parkour skills to use.

All Star Tower Defense

We told you that Roblox game makers are going all in on anime recently! This is one of the games. You’ll be traveling to various anime-inspired locations from some of your favorite animes, and you’ll be doing battle, beating up endless foes trying to overtake that location. It is a tower defense game (i.e. you build towers), and it has quite a bit of strategy built into it. You can also battle against your friends in PVP mode, or even take on a few challenges in the game, which is always fun.

Pet Simulator 99

Finally, we have Pet Simulator 99 in Roblox, which is really just a game of hatching pets. It is relaxing, but very ‘moreish’. You’ll want to keep coming back for more and more. You will almost certainly need Roblox Robux if you want to make any sort of progress in the game, though. This is because you’ll need a ton of diamonds.

Remember – this is just an intro to some of the best Roblox games. You have plenty more to check out. Don’t forget to pick up your cheap Robux from us here at first! 

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