Taking an Uber? 3 Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers


The ride-sharing app Uber, has become a popular option for commuters and travelers. Convenience and cost-savings have contributed to its popularity. More than 14 million Uber rides take place in the U.S. every day.

But the ride-sharing app has hit the headlines in recent years for failing to implement safety precautions to protect women adequately. Uber, on its website, states that critical safety incidents are, statistically, extremely rare on its platform. Yet, press releases suggest otherwise. More than a hundred women have sued Uber over sexual assault claims.

Reports of sexual assault and harassment by Uber drivers are reported in almost every state of the U.S., be it Illinois, California, Florida, or Texas. These incidents instill fear and cause worry in solo female travelers.

However, you can ensure your safety by taking preventive measures. In this article, we’ll discuss some essential safety tips for staying safe while using the ride-share service.

Uber and Sexual Assault Claims

In July 2022, Uber hit the headlines after more than 550 sexual assault and attack claims were filed against it. The numerous personal injury lawsuits accuse the company of failing to protect female passengers who were harassed, stalked, sexually battered and assaulted, kidnapped, raped, falsely imprisoned, or otherwise attacked by the ride-sharing platform’s drivers.

A recent publication of The Guardian reveals that Uber was aware of drivers assaulting its female passengers as early as 2014. Nonetheless, it failed to take safety precautions to protect them.

A 37-year-old Californian woman, Liz, who filed a lawsuit against Uber, recounts her devastating experience with the company. She booked an Uber because she wanted to go across the street to the gas station from a hotel in Chino Hills, outside Los Angeles. Horrifyingly, the Uber driver forced her into the backseat and attempted to rape, but she managed to escape.

Another case that garnered significant attention was of a young woman who was picked up by an Uber driver at Clark Street bars and was sexually assaulted in a parking garage in Chicago, Illinois.

These are some cases that hit the headlines. But several cases in New York, California, Florida, and all other U.S. states go unnoticed. Any woman who has been harassed or sexually assaulted by her driver qualifies for a personal injury lawsuit. Individuals who have suffered non-consensual sexual conduct qualify for a claim, explains TorHoerman Law.

Before you file a lawsuit, hire an attorney experienced enough in handling personal injury lawsuits. These individuals will help you prove the ride-sharing platform’s failure to protect female travelers.

Over 1.3 million active lawyers are there in the U.S. In 2023, one-fourth of lawyers were in New York (188,341) and California (170,959). Texas, Florida, and Illinois rounded out the top three with 96,827, 84,594, and 62,201 lawyers, respectively.

Whether you live in Edwardsville, Illinois, or Los Angeles, California, finding a lawyer won’t be challenging. Searching for the best Edwardsville personal injury lawyer on Google will bring forth tons of options. Likewise, if you live in California or another state, enter that state’s name. Thereafter, you can do your research and hire one for your personal injury lawsuit.

3 Ride-Sharing Safety Tips for Women

Here are the precautions that you must take when riding an Uber alone:

1. Sit in the Backseat

Always take the backseat when you take an Uber alone. Sitting in the backseat ensures there is plenty of space between you and your driver. Make sure to sit directly behind your driver. This position makes it harder for them to reach for you compared to sitting in the front or behind the passenger seat.

Sometimes, drivers ask passengers to sit in front. Be wary if they ask you to get into the front seat. Do not give in to the driver’s demands; instead, cancel the ride and book another.

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2. Share Ride Details

The moment you hail the Uber, share your ride details with your friends or family members.

Uber allows riders to share ride details with their trusted ones through the app. The details shared include the driver’s name, the vehicle’s name, model and number plate, and your estimated arrival time. Your loved ones will be able to track your location.

In case an unlikely event happens, someone will have details of where they lost touch with you.

3. Keep the Windows Down

An easy-peasy thing you can do for yourself is to keep the windows down during the trip.

If you keep your windows down, you can always yell for help if your Uber driver misbehaves or turns the vehicle in the wrong direction. But, once the windows are up, the driver can put on the child lock, preventing you from opening the window and yelling for help. Keeping windows down will rob them of the chance of trapping you inside the vehicle.

Wrapping it up, most Uber drivers are courteous and competent. Yet, there are some who harass female travelers. That is why it’s essential to follow safety measures to ensure you don’t become a victim of harassment or sexual assault.

Be sure to track your route on the GPS to ensure your driver isn’t taking you elsewhere. Also, make sure to carry pepper spray when traveling alone. Should your driver try to harm you or take advantage of you, you can spray it in your driver’s eyes. Still, if your driver tries to harm you, call 911 right away.

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