Should I unwrap cigars in the humidor?


You may be wondering if your cigars should still have their cellophane after you bring them home to your humidor. This is a great question that we will answer throughout this blog.

We want to point out that not all cigars contain cellophane. Cellophane is not used in Cuban cigars. However, we have noticed a shift towards cellophane-wrapped cigars within the non-Cuban community.

Before you can decide if your cigar should be left with cellophane, it is important to understand why it was placed there.

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Why are some cigars wrapped in cellophane?

Manufacturers will tell you about the reasons they use cellophane.

  1. Wrapper protection
  2. Maintaining your nose
  3. Conserving the flavors
  4. Regulating humidity

Wrapper protection

The cellophane wrapper is protected by no doubt. Handling the wrapper in the store, or at home, can cause cracks or tears in the cap or wrapper. Cellophane protects against cracks and keeps others’ fingers away from what you are going to put in your mouth. But that is a separate article!

Protecting Your Nose

It is amazing to smell the aroma of a humidor. That sweet, rich smell is what we all love. It’s a wonderful blend of all your cigars from different regions around the world. All this mixing of scents can also be found in your cigars. The cigar manufacturer spent many hours deciding on the perfect blend of tobacco to ensure that the cigar aged perfectly. The odors of many cigars can influence one another. Direct contact with oils means that they will blend.

Protecting Flavors

Sometimes you may want to blend flavors, especially with cigars from different regions or manufacturers. A cigar that has been aged in cellophane won’t necessarily have the same complexity as its nudist counterpart.

Regulating Humidity

Cellophane does not completely isolate cigars from their environment. However, it provides some regulations. Cellophane can allow some air and moisture to pass through it, while oils are more likely to get trapped. Cellophane can be stained yellow or brown by well-aged cigars. This indicates that the cigar has higher humidity.

What do we do with our Cigars?

Because we take many photos of cigars, we unwrap them. They look better without cellophane. Our cigars also don’t stay in the humidor for very long. Some of our cigars can be left on for aging, and if they were wrapped in cellophane we will keep them.

You can decide whether you want to wrap your cigar or not. There is no right or wrong choice. We have tried to make it easy for you to choose the right option for you.

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