Reader’s Magnet: What It Is and How to Make a Good One


Using a reader magnet has been a classic marketing strategy since e-mail was invented and the internet became a mainstream thing. It’s still prevalent in the form of newsletters, promotions, and sign-up offers whenever you give your contact details to a company. They’re a prime example of effective writing, especially when they convince their target audience to click on a link or buy a new product. Attention-grabbing phrases such as “exclusive content”, “limited edition”, or even specialized and targeted products can help keep your customers interested and on your e-mail list.

Coming up with creative attention-grabbing phrases isn’t even half of the work, though. Of course, it’s always a must to observe effective writing techniques when writing your reader magnet. There are several things you need to consider if you want to have a good reader magnet that not only attracts a new audience but makes them want to stay for more. 

This guide to effective writing will run through everything on your checklist to ensure you’re ready to write the best attention-grabbing phrases for your newsletter or e-mail campaign. Strap in and get ready to learn the art of writing a reader magnet!

How to Make an Effective Reader Magnet

Identify your target market

Before jumping right in and brainstorming the most clever attention-grabbing phrases you can possibly think of, take a step back first. Who are the people that you really want to attract to your writing?

Identifying the wants and needs of your readers or customers can help you curate the content of your reader magnet appropriately. Attention-grabbing phrases like “Get a free map of Middle-Earth with every sign-up to my newsletter!” probably won’t appeal to your audience if you’re a nonfiction memoir writer. You could have effective writing in all the right places, but if it’s not targeted toward the people you want to attract, you won’t be able to build a loyal customer base because the way you market doesn’t align with your identity as an author.

Figure out what you can offer

After gaining a better understanding of what your readers want to see, now it’s time to assess yourself. What are the things you can offer that are authentic to your brand as a growing writer? It’s important to not overstep here since we usually tend to overexaggerate and fall into hyperbole when coming up with attention-grabbing phrases. But shock value isn’t the only thing we’re going for – we also want our content to be able to live up to our claims. This builds a trusting dynamic between you and your readers: they listen, and you deliver. Focusing too much on the superficial side of reader magnets will leave your audience unsatisfied with what you’ve failed to give them.

Write a compelling pitch

This is finally the part where we can write all the attention-grabbing phrases in the world! An effective writing exercise if you’re having trouble getting the perfect lead is to just brainstorm. Create a workspace where you can just scribble, map out your ideas, and compare them to one another until you arrive at the best possible option. During this part, check on yourself every once in a while and remind yourself to not overdo it. Go with what feels right to you as the spearhead of your project and your professional writing career.

Remember that we’re not going after clickbait or gimmicky title leads here. There are many studies on why clickbait isn’t effective for long-term marketing and building a loyal audience. Stick to creating authentic content that shows your genuine experience and passion to your readers, and they’ll appreciate you all the more for it.

Create your reader magnet

After detailing the lead, content, and deliverables of your reader magnet, you have to actually put it into action first. This is when you get to see effective writing do its thing, and watch your vision come to life as you craft the perfect message to your readers. If graphic design and/or layout isn’t your forte, try hiring a trusted professional to do it for you. Just make sure that your reader magnet is clean, and professional, on top of being able to communicate your goal in a way that is appealing yet concise.

Choose a delivery system

Now you’re finally ready to release your reader magnet to the world! Test the effectiveness of your attention-grabbing phrases by taking them for a trial run. You can subtly direct readers to your magnet by placing it in sign-up sheets, newsletter forms, a redirect from your website, or an ebook delivery service. The options are endless, and your marketing journey has only just begun with these magnet campaigns.

It’s okay if your first few reader magnets aren’t successful right away – just take some time to experiment with the type of content that works for you while also generating enough engagement from your audience. At some point, you’ll hit that sweet spot and it will just be smooth sailing from there! And this is just the tip of the iceberg – maybe sometime down the line, you can try drip campaigns or full-on newsletter marketing next.

Just remember that your audience’s needs will change over time and reflect trends or major events in modern pop culture. Keep your mind open and your writing style flexible so you can easily adapt to these small changes and continue to relate to your readers. Stay updated on the current trends, especially within your target demographic!
If you’re in need of professionals to help you with the technical and marketing side of writing a book, the Global Society for Aspiring Writers offers a diverse writing community of amateur and professional writers that can assist you with your needs. Founded by the writers at Sixth Sense Publishing, the GSfAW is curated for writers like you, by writers like you. You don’t have to start your self-publishing journey completely alone, and it’s always best to have professional guidance to help you when starting out on your exciting new writing career

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