What Is An Optical Center?


Optical Center:

What we’re concerned with here on the Optical Center cross are only these two principles. Meridians’ strongest powers in the two that are 90 degrees apart from each other so. Let’s take this win and put it on the whiteboard and then draw out our two principal meridians. From these points and see. If we can’t make it a little bit clearer now we’re here at the whiteboard which is a good thing it’s where the good stuff is. Happened but before we start jumping right into that we’ve got some housekeeping. To take care of first I’m going to talk for a few bear with me you’ll find that it’s a worthwhile number.

Optical Center Blog:

One is in case you haven’t noticed this is the first in what we hope is a very long series of blog presentations. We are trying so hard to deliver you a quality product. I hope you can begin to see the foundation that we’re building with this blog. Keep doing a whole lot of background work and editing I’m putting in endless hours of shooting Optical Center. Material and editing and trying to get it the very best that we can still the first one.

Optical Center


Background Center:

So bear with us we’re learning together number two the why. I can teach you to take the powers off of your basic flat transposition. And put them on across in five minutes and then top ten examples so you could pass. I don’t care so what matters is understanding what it is you’re doing and why it is you’re doing it. That’s what’s going to make you a great optician not passing a test not getting. Some kind of certification not being able to fill in the blanks or answer a multiple-choice in Optical Center. Question understanding what you’re doing is everything that’s why this may seem. Slow to you why we’re doing little kind of baby steps and building

Routines Formula:

From optical cross – 30 45 60 the powers in the bleak routines formula and only then. Are we going to start tackling the most basic prism problems? Because without those preliminary pieces the foundation works the other? Stuff isn’t going to make any sense either so bear with me. If you’re miles ahead you’ve already said I got it why don’t you. He shuts up and moves on then jumps ahead and starts the next video this is for all. Those people need the steps to build on becoming the very best optician Optical Center. They can be so same is the number one question anything let me know number three flat transposition. And the calculator I’m not going to do flat transposition.

Adding and Subtracting

At least 15 of them learn that first and then come back here. If you’re not ready with flat transposition with a lot of. The material that’s coming up using a calculator guys you’re going to see me standing up here studying. Looking at trying to add whole numbers in my head math is not good I use a calculator. The plus-minus sign is going to be your best friend use the calculator for the simplest. Things even adding and subtracting your 90 when you’re doing your flat transposition. As I like to say don’t say I didn’t warn you we are going to do three examples of taking. The power but remember its power, not prescription only after we have that down can we go to number. Five and we’re going to do three examples of taking a prescription

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