Mistakes made during iPhone replacement battery


 iPhone replacement battery is a tedious process; with everything, even the batteries tend to die out. The best part is that they can get replaced.

The iPhone released in 2007 was a huge success, and the iPhone replacement battery is a critical component of that device. Over the years, with different models and iterations of the device, the battery has been improved to last longer. It remains an integral part of Apple’s smartphone line, but many people do not realize that it can get replaced.

There are some common errors made during the time of replacing the iPhone battery. They are as follows:

Not reading the guide:

It is one of the mistakes made by many people looking to replace the battery. Having a guide is there to help in the replacement process faster. The process is very straightforward for anyone to do, but several associated risks are shared in the guides. By reading the guide, you know the importance of every step, and even a single mistake can make it all the more difficult in the iPhone replacement battery.

Not checking compatibility with your iPhone:

People make another mistake when they want to replace their iPhone battery. Several companies sell batteries that fit only specific models of iPhones. Before buying a battery replacement kit or kit, it is essential to check that it fits perfectly with your device. If not, you will waste money on something that does not work on your phone!

Not preparing well 

The most important thing is having a big table with a good mat coating and proper lighting. That will help in taking care of the tiny parts. Also, an excellent dark background will help view the tiny parts and the screws.

The first thing that you need to do before starting your work is get all the tools required for disassembling your device. That includes screwdriver sets, spudgers, tweezers, razor blades etc.

You should have sufficient knowledge about using these tools properly to avoid any damage to your device during the process.

Next, you need to gather all the components like battery, motherboard etc and keep them safely on another table so that they don’t get mixed up during the disassembling process.

Inserting the screw in the wrong slot

Finding iPhone replacement batteries is a difficult task. Many retailers claim to have original, authentic batteries, but they do not. Therefore, you must buy your battery directly from the manufacturer or an authorized reseller to ensure you get a genuine product.

Replacing the battery in your iPhone is not as easy as it seems. It requires patience and skill to perform this process without damaging any other part of your phone. The first step is to check whether your battery is damaged or not. If it has cracks or leaks, it should get replaced because it can cause further damage to other internal parts if used again. If there is no visible damage, open up your phone’s back cover with a screwdriver and remove all screws holding the back cover together.

Now carefully pry the top cover of your iPhone with a spudger or plastic opening tool so you can access the battery connector cable underneath it. There will be four screws holding this part together, so remove them carefully using a screwdriver and put them aside so they cannot get mixed up with others when reassembling it later.


If you are careless and damage these cables, it will not only cause problems with the screen but also result in other issues like charging or battery problem.

The reason for this is that several sensitive cables behind the phone’s screen have a purpose. However, the cables are tiny and can easily stretch or damage if handled inappropriately. If these ribbons are damaged by any chance, the phone screen will not function correctly.

You may notice that your phone is not charging correctly or taking too long to charge when you connect it to a power source. That may be because of some damage to your USB cable or charger.

Similarly, suppose any one of these tiny wires has been damaged. In that case, your phone may stop working and show unusual behavior, such as freezing up or frequently rebooting, even though no viruses are installed.

Not testing the battery

There is a high possibility that many people do not test the new battery and focus on installing a completely new battery. Therefore, it is better to test the new battery as soon as the screen is taken out and ensure it works properly.

A lot of people do not know how to replace their laptop screens, but they are curious about whether their screens can be repaired or not. The answer is no. Nowadays, many people have replaced their laptop screens with third-party sellers who claim to be qualified but cannot repair them properly. So they replace the screens with something else and sell them at a high price.

You must understand how to choose a suitable battery replacement service provider because replacing your screen may damage your computer’s motherboard. If this happens, you will need to buy another motherboard, which will cost you more than getting a new laptop.

Connectors not connected

It is crucial to understand that the connectors will have to snap in place when working on re-installing them to see to it that they are seated correctly. The best indicator that they are in place is when a very soft click comes out, and the connector gets snapped in the socket. If the connectors are not connected fully by mistake, their functions will not work correctly.


If you are finding your iPhone battery isn’t lasting as long as you once thought, it’s probably time for an upgrade. It can seem complicated, but it is not hard when you know what to do. Apple has a simple replacement program for their devices, which has been going on for years. The iPhone was a huge success right out of the gate, which continued with the iPhone replacement battery.

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