IVR Features To Watch Out For Before Buying


The IVR -Interactive Voice Response technology is a beneficial technology used by companies across different sectors. It greets the customers with a prerecorded voice and offers several menus and sub-menus that provide them with instant query resolution. The IVR services have several built-in features that make it a highly efficient call management product. Read on to know the top IVR features you need to watch before buying.

Call Recording: It is one of the best features of IVR technology. It allows recording the conversation between the agents and the customers. Companies can analyze the call logs later and get the insights they need to serve their customers well. The recordings provide information about the grievances repeatedly faced by the customers. Companies can make informed decisions to solve the common issues of the customers and provide them with the solution they need. The software helps retain more customers and boost the profitability of the business. So, companies should contact a reputed IVR service provider to buy the solution.

Customisable Menu: Meet your unique business needs with a highly organised system that offers customization. The customers might have different queries that standard IVR products may not address. So, one must choose customizable IVR services to meet customers’ demands. Companies can add or delete menus and submenus in the IVR to address customers’ queries more efficiently with a customizable menu. It allows the ease of getting instant query resolution and provides high customer satisfaction.

Call Routing: If a business wants to provide better CX, it should contact the best IVR service providers and provide instant connectivity to its clients. Often the long waiting period in call queues is one of the primary reasons that cause bad CX. It leads to low retention rates, and businesses fail to attract more customers. The solution helps improve the agents’ efficiency because it immediately connects the available agents to the customers. It reduces their idle time drastically, and they can attend to more callers. They can provide high customer satisfaction to many customers with more responses.

Concurrent Calls: Manage your inbound and outbound calls efficiently by responding to several customers simultaneously. With the IVR, businesses can connect with their customer without making them wait for too long and provide better CX.

 Multi-lingual Support: The feature enables businesses to deliver customer support in several regional languages. Customers prefer communication in their local languages. It gives them a better understanding of the message conveyed. With clear communication with multi-lingual support, companies can reach out to their target audience. They can have the desired impact on them with multi-lingual support.

Omnipresence: The IVR offers constant and consistent support to the customers. A business need not always depend on live agents to address customer queries. The prerecorded message will direct the customers to choose the correct option to get their queries resolved.


The IVR is a highly organized communication system with several useful features. It offers self-help menus to callers and enables them to choose the options easily, which connects them to the desired department. It allows them to get quick answers to their queries. They can also choose to speak to live agents and get quick query resolution. With such extended capabilities, the solution is apt for any business that wants to streamline client communication.

Business organizations should buy software from the best IVR service providers to improve client communication. So, if you want to buy IVR services, ensure that solution is feature-packed that offers several advantages. Contact a reputed IVR service provider that provides the solution at competitive prices.

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