Get Clear Acrylic Standees With Different Printing Techniques


Acrylic standees are a great way to make a statement and get noticed. But what printing technique should you use to get the best results? You can use several printing techniques on acrylic, each with its advantages. Here is a rundown of the most popular options from Vograce to help you decide which is best for your needs. They have a lot of products like stickers and wooden pins for you.

Clear acrylic double-side printed standee 

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your print projects? Check out clear acrylic double-sided printed! This printing method is perfect for creating unique and eye-catching prints. With clear acrylic double-sided printing, your prints will have a high-quality finish that is sure to impress. This printing method is perfect for creating unique and eye-catching prints. Plus, it is a great way to add a touch of personalization to your projects. Here are some of the benefits of clear acrylic double-side printing:

1. High-quality finish

2. Perfect for unique and eye-catching prints

3. Adds a touch of personalization

4. Durable and long-lasting

5. Easy to clean and maintain

Suppose you are looking for a way to take your print projects to the next level. In that case, clear acrylic double-sided printing is the perfect solution. Its high-quality finish and unique printing capabilities are a great way to add a personal touch to your projects.

Front side epoxy standee 

Front-side epoxy printing is a popular choice for clear acrylic standees. It gives a very good gloss finish and is perfect for printing logos, text, and images. A standee is a large, usually freestanding, card or paperboard structure designed to attract attention and promote a product, service, or event. They are often found in high-traffic areas such as shopping centers, trade shows, and event venues.

One of the most important aspects of a standee is its graphics. The right graphic can make a standee impossible to ignore. In contrast, a poorly designed graphic will blend into the background and be easily forgotten.

If you’re looking for a way to make your standee graphics pop, consider using front-side epoxy. Front-side epoxy is a type of clear coating that is applied to the front of the graphic. Once cured, it creates a high-gloss, protective surface that makes the colors and details of the graphic stand out.

There are a few things to remember if you consider using front-side epoxy on your standee graphics. First, it’s important to choose a quality epoxy product. There are many epoxy products on the market, and not all are created equal. Make sure to do your research and choose an epoxy specifically designed for graphics use.

Front-side glitter epoxy 

Glitter epoxy is the perfect solution for your standees. Vograce has glitter epoxy in different colors and can print it on both sides of the standee. 

Glitter Epoxy is waterproof but can be removed with warm water or a cotton ball, depending on how much you use at once. Suppose you are going to an outdoor event. In that case, we recommend applying 2 coats of this product. So that there will be less chance of getting stained by rainwater during rainy days when people tend not to stay inside as much as they would like. 

It comprises two parts: the front side, which is covered in glitter, and the back side, which is clear. The standee is placed in front of a window or transparent surface, and the glitter side is visible outside.

Front side holographic broken glass 

This is another popular printing technique, and it has a shiny, glittery appearance that makes it ideal for product displays. The holographic effect can also be seen from long distances away.

A front-side holographic broken glass standee is a three-dimensional holographic image of a person or object that is broken into pieces. The standee is made up of two pieces of glass placed in front of each other and held together by a frame. The front piece of glass is clear, and the back is frosted. The standee is illuminated from the front and the back so that the holographic image is visible.

The front side holographic broken glass standee is a great way to display a three-dimensional image of a person or object. The standee is easy to set up, and the holographic image is realistic and lifelike. The standee is also lightweight and portable, so it can easily move from one location to another.

Double sided holographic star

A double sided holographic star is a three-dimensional projection of a star that can be seen from both sides. It is created using two lasers, one to create the image and the other to reflect it. The holographic star appears to be floating in mid-air and has a very realistic appearance. A double-sided holographic star standee is an innovative product that can be used for various purposes. Some of the most popular uses for this product include:

1. Holographic stars make great promotions for nightclubs and bars.

2. They are perfect for product launches and corporate events.

3. You can also use stars for weddings and other special occasions.

4. They make great gifts for holidays and birthdays.

The double-sided holographic star standee is a unique product that can turn heads and get people talking. This product is perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement and stand out.

Final Words 

Overall, the different printing techniques used in this project are effective and help to create a more cohesive and professional look for the acrylic standees. You can also get a wood standee. While some techniques, such as screen printing, may require more time and effort to complete, they ultimately result in a standee that is both unique and visually appealing. Additionally, using contrasting colors and patterns on the standees helps create a more dynamic and engaging visual experience. Overall, these acrylic standees are a great way to showcase your products and make them more visible and accessible to potential customers.

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