Epoxy Resin Table: What things do you need and how to make it?


Planks of wood are sandwiched together with epoxy to form the River Table. There may be subtle differences in the technology used to make tables, but in the majority of situations, they will require the following:

Resin made of epoxy

An all-purpose substance that is both powerful and long-lasting once it has been properly cured. Choosing a high-quality product is critical for a professional result. You’ll need resin for casting and laminating to construct the countertop’s topcoat.

Colorant in the form of a liquid

Colors that resemble the colors of a river, such as matte blues, turquoise, cyan, and other translucent hues, are frequently employed to achieve this effect. Incorporating pigments into the resin creates an array of hues. To increase the sparkle of the water surface, some producers add a shimmer.

Slabs of wood

When a tree trunk’s original form and geometry are preserved, it becomes a slab of wood. The future table-river will be built on a fiberboard. Wood with a rough edge is the most sought-after item in the marketplace. Calculate the future table’s dimensions as soon as possible to avoid wasting time sawing and grinding the original product’s edges. Precious woods, which are pricey but are known for their strength and longevity, are typically used. Contact the best river resin table manufacturers to know which type of wood is best for you.

Making a table river isn’t something that everyone is capable of doing on their own. All the essential operations will necessitate a large enough area for you to work. Epoxy glue emits a strong stench when heated, thus building a river table in a tiny flat is out of the question.

When used in crafting, an epoxy resin finish can add an interesting textural element to a piece as well as provide protection from the elements. With the right supplies, you can turn this versatile material into an amazing table for your home or outdoor space!

Resin Coated in Several Layers

This table project is best done in a well-ventilated area. Make sure to work in a space with access to fresh air. Place your tabletop on a tarp or plastic sheeting to protect your work area from the epoxy resin. You can create a unique design on the tabletop using a paintbrush and resin-safe paint. You can also create designs using tiles or stones that you glue down to the surface of the tabletop. When you’re ready to start pouring the epoxy resin, make sure all the materials are prepared and any decorations are in place. You need to work quickly once you start pouring! Make sure you mix the epoxy resin and hardener together with the correct ratio. Next, pour the resin slowly and in a thin layer. Try to keep the bubbles to a minimum while you pour.


Making a table out of epoxy resin is a great project for a beginner or advanced crafter. Use your imagination to create a unique design for the tabletop. Once the table is done, you can use it as extra seating, a coffee table, or an outdoor table that can withstand the weather! HouseOfShrinay is always there for you providing the premium river resin tables for you.

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