Centricity vs. EMRS Nextech: A Comprehensive Guide


This article will compare Nextech to Centricity, two of the most popular EMRS providers in this industry. To best meet your needs, these providers offer a variety of services and pricing rates. To learn more, request a demo.

Nextech EMR

Nextech has been offering an extensive EMR and Practice Management solution in one database for more than 20 years. This software is perfect for doctors, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and ophthalmologists. It is used by over 7,000 providers worldwide and 50,000 office staff. Nextech EHR recognizes that each doctor has their own needs and must address them by their Practice Management and EMR vendor in order to meet and exceed the expectations of patients and the healthcare industry.

Nextech continues to improve its products through the incorporation of experts who offer thoughtful and strategic input. Its Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management software seamlessly integrate to improve workflow efficiency, track revenue, engage patients, and increase productivity. Nextech allows you to connect with patients via a HIPAA-compliant portal.

Nextech’s main attributes are:

Scheduling possibilities

Schedules can be created for all procedures.

Appointments and Tools

You can transform appointments by copying, pasting, and dropping them with dragging. A first available appointment finder saves time. Automated text messages remind patients about their appointments. The responses automatically make the schedule more accurate.

Ability To Chart

It’s easy to use adaptable templates and rapid charting for different specialties. The user can view charts and notes as well as refill prescriptions from anywhere at any time.

The Payment Revenue Cycle Management system is created to simplify claims management access for patients, claims managers, appellate and denied appeals.

Patient Portal

Patients can pay their bills and have access to their medical history and insurance information.

Analytics Patients

Access to patient information, including demographics and patterns in practice performance, is possible to help assess the health of the practice and maximize profits.


Nextech EMR’s enterprise and SMB pricing information can only be obtained by requesting a quote. For more information, contact the vendor and request your selection. Ask for a demo before you invest. This will allow you to learn more about the software dashboard, and other features that will help you choose the right EMR for you practice.


Nextech is a top-rated EMR system. Nextech’s revolutionary design makes it easy for patients, doctors, and administrative staff. Nextech is a leader in electronic medical records (EMR) as well as practice management systems. It offers industry-leading usability and security and scaleability. Nextech EMRs can scale from one to fifty providers and can easily handle even the smallest practices.

Introduction to centricity EMR

Centricity is a name used for healthcare IT software, which comes from GE Healthcare. This division of General Electric is called GE Healthcare. It’s a software suite that can be used by private physicians as well as hospitals and academic medical centers.

The GE healthcare EMR Centricity EMR, which is ideal for small and large practices, is highly sought after. You can integrate it into any practice management or revenue cycle. Providers can improve their management and effectiveness with this software.



GE Centricity provides an electronic prescribing service and an online platform. Patients can schedule appointments, review their billing statements, and view the results of laboratory tests. This system integrates with the Medical Quality Improvement Consortium. Patients have access to more than 20 million patients who are affected by diseases that often involve pay-for-performance reviews.

Appointment Management

Keep track of patients at risk and set appointments. Scheduling can be done almost entirely to reduce the space and equipment used, as well as to send reminders to patients.

Flexible templates that can be customized

The built-in software of Centricity EMR software allows you to customize templates. You can modify, name and create new templates based on your experience.


Doctors can submit prescriptions for refills directly at pharmacies. They will continue to search for drug-to drug or drug-to allergy interactions based on patient condition and current medication. This reduces the chance of medication errors and allows for better monitoring of medications.

Remote Access

Centricity EMR software offers a mobile app that you can download to your smartphone or tablet. The mobile app is easy to use and allows you to access all files and services no matter where you are located.

Payment Management

This helps in billing and in payment processing by automatically sending invoices and reminding patients to pay. This allows for faster reimbursement and quicker acceptance of claims.

Handwriting Recognition/Voice Recognizing

Software for writing and speaking can be used to quickly create charts and reports. Because the software is adaptable to the user’s preferred work style, it can be used in the original language and not any specific codes.

Pricing and Demo

Ask for a live demo to get more information about the software. Centricity offers a quote-based service. They do not offer a free trial. Ask for a price list and a live demonstration.

Centricity review

Many people are horrified by the idea of medical billing. It’s understandable. It’s understandable that billing can be costly and frustrating. Centricity makes medical billing easy and lets you focus on what matters most: improving patient experience and providing more value for your customers.

Comparison Between Nextgenvs.Centricity

Nextech provides a simplified experience for patients, doctors, and administrative staff. Nextech is a leader in the provision of EMRs and practice management software. The Medical Quality Improvement Consortium integrates with Centricity EMR , giving patients access to more than 20 million patients who have diseases that are frequently reviewed in pay-for-performance reviews. Nextech and Centricity are both good systems, but they have pros and cons. However, Nextech is the best choice for healthcare providers.

We hope that the information provided here will help you choose the right software for you.

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We think:

Nextech and Centricity are top-rated emr providers. Both offer many features for their users. Nextech is superior in certain areas to Centricity. Nextech is easier and more affordable, making it a better choice for smaller businesses or new practices. Centricity is a more advanced option if you are looking for a system with many features. It all comes down to your practice’s specific needs.

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