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One of the first things people notice about you is your fingernails, which is terrible news for those who struggle to maintain the condition of their chipping nails. It’s challenging to keep our nails looking flawless when they’re splitting, and the lacquer crackles shortly after it dries. Also, when brittle nails break off, it can be rather painful.

Many people suffer from brittle or weak nails. If you are one of them, there are numerous ways to nurture them back to health. But we all know that getting the nails of your dreams is not easy. However, it is not impossible. Continue reading this blog for a few tips and tricks like buying delta 8 area 52 online that might help grow beautiful nails that are also sturdy. These are a few essential things to keep in mind to get rid of brittle and damaged nails.

What causes Brittle Nails?

Brittle nails are those that break, chip, split, peel, or are plain weak.

Brittle nails can arise from several causes. First, they could be a natural indicator of the effect of over-polishing your nails. Brittle nails can occur from dryness in cold weather. Brittle nails are most commonly caused by too much or too little moisture, mainly attributable to external sources.

Anemia, thyroid disease, and age can all impact a person’s nail strength. In addition, nails normally deteriorate in strength over time, making them more brittle.

Cuticle Oil or Cream

The cuticle, which overlaps the nail plate and rims the base of the nail, is an essential aspect of nail health. Often dry and ragged cuticles and the skin around your cuticles can cause picking.

Picking can lead to permanent indentations in the center of your fingernails by damaging the nail beds and matrix. As a result, several dermatologists and psychiatrists advise using cuticle oil or cream at least once a day.

If using a cuticle cream daily sounds like an unnecessary step, don’t worry: you don’t need a particular cream for this. Instead, you may keep your cuticles hydrated using a mixture of moisturizer and oils such as THC, olive, coconut, or sweet almond.

Cuticle cream, which contains vitamin E, will treat dry cuticles and brittle nails daily. Massage your nails and fingertips every night before going to bed. Cuticles must be cared for not only for aesthetic reasons but also because cracked and split cuticles increase the risk of nail infection.

Take Healthy Diet

According to the study, a few nutritional deficiencies contribute to brittle, damaged nails.

Iron, vitamin B7, B12, magnesium, and proteins are the most commonly deficient nutrients that are the most common cause of weak nails. Therefore, changing your diet and including healthy nutrients in your food will benefit your nails in the long run. If you still feel the deficiency is causing your brittle nails, consult a doctor.

Consider taking collagen or biotin supplements.

Collagen and biotin supplements have been shown in studies to promote healthy nail development. For example, one study discovered that taking collagen daily for 24 weeks enhanced nail health, including faster growth rates, reduced breakage, and improved aesthetics.

The same is true for biotin, a vitamin B commonly used in hair growth supplements. Biotin has been demonstrated to help with nail thickness and stiffness. If you struggle with nail growth regularly, collagen supplementation may be beneficial.

Reduce your use of fake, gel and acrylic nails

Nail art, gel, and artificial nails are all very appealing. However, acrylic and gel nails inhibit your nails from strengthening and growing. It’s fine to get your nails done with gel or acrylics now and then. However, using nail art, acrylics, and gels daily will degrade the quality and growth of your nails.

Did you also know that wearing false nails regularly might cause nail fungus, which eventually leads to brittle and damaged nails? This is because they are attached on top of your natural nails, creating a space that is a breeding ground for fungus and bacterial illness.

brittle nails

Avoid using alcohol-based hand sanitisers.

Of course, hand sanitisers are frequently necessary—and you should continue to use them as needed—but be aware that they may cause nail brittleness.

Traditional hand sanitisers are extremely drying on the skin. (Because they have a high alcohol level, typically exceeding 90%.) Alcohol is a drying element in skin care, and physicians advise us to avoid it if we have sensitive skin.

If your nails are continuously brittle, try a non-alcohol-based alternative or just apply hand moisturizers more frequently.

Protect them from the sun.

Nails, like the rest of your body, can be damaged by the sun. They can turn yellow, become brittle, or form vertical ridges that can continue for up to six months.

Skin cancer can also grow behind the nail. Regarding UV protection, most coloured nail polishes will be a physical barrier to UV damage; however, clear or nude polish with UV protection can prevent nail damage.

Olive Oil Soak

Olive oil is the most effective treatment for cracked and brittle nails. Olive oil penetrates your nails’ inner layer easily, calms it, and eliminates any dryness because of its natural ability. It also promotes blood circulation and nail growth.

Put in some extra virgin olive oil and soak your weak and brittle nails in it for approximately ten to fifteen minutes twice a week for the first two months. This is a low-cost method of dealing with weakened nails.

Nail growth can be promoted by dipping your nails in lukewarm olive oil. It is high in vitamins and a good source of antioxidants. If you follow this technique every week before going to bed, you will ultimately see results.

The Bottom Line

You may feel self-conscious if your nails are weak or brittle. The good news is that you can assist in strengthening and improving your nails in various ways.

We are very well aware of how difficult it is to keep things looking flawlessly manicured when our nails are cracking and lacquer crackles moments after it dries. However, we recommend you follow the above recommendations on mending brittle nails and maintaining healthy nails. These at-home cures and dietary changes could be your ticket to healthier nails. You might never have to go to a salon again. However, if none of these cures works for you, you should consult your doctor.

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