Amazing advantages of hymenoplasty surgery in Punjab



After the advent of internet connection, medical science is evolving. Some surgical treatments do not just treat diseases and injuries; they can make individuals feel better in their skin. Hymenoplasty in Ludhiana is one of them.

The demand for hymenoplasty in Ludhiana is increasing day by day because of these surgical processes lots of females choose to repair their broken hymen and, in some cases, even build one for those who were born without one. Usually, the hymen is a thin membrane located in the lower part of the vagina and it is known as proof of a female’s virginity.

Given more females engaging in sports and fitness regimens, more often than not the hymen is broken even before the sexual union.

Why do females go through hymenoplasty surgery?

Generally, a hymen does not attend to any real purpose. However, it holds enough value for females – both physically and psychologically, it is not just about sexual activity, the hymen can break even with arduous physical activities for instance sports and exercises. There are lots of reasons why families decide to go for a Hymenoplasty: –

A fresh beginning: When a female feels strongly to get over her past for a new beginning. Various females consider their revirginization as an opportunity to begin over.

Cultural beliefs: Some females desire an intact hymen for their husbands before getting married given to some cultural beliefs.

Improve sexual experience: The process along with vaginal rejuvenation tightens muscles that can have become flaccid with age or childbirth. This outcome is a rather improved and satisfying sexual experience.

Medical causes: In some females, the hymen is too thick and covers the entire vaginal opening. For such matters, a small hole is made in the membrane to permit blood flow.

PTSD from sexual assault: In this matter, the process not only physically restores the hymen but offers psychological snug too. It enables females to feel that they can lose their virginity to someone they get to choose.

What time is suitable to go for the treatment?

The timing of expected sexual union plays a role in selecting a time frame. Females who seek structural integrity and need the hymen to be intact visually, the process should be performed 3 months before the wedding night. Although, when the timing of sexual union is specific, and the victim’s wishes bleeding but visual integrity is not required. The treatment is scheduled 3 weeks before the date.


Generally, hymenoplasty surgery in Ludhiana is performed by our expert and experienced surgeons therefore this is a safe surgery and there are hardly any complications.

In certain cases, postoperative indications for example pain, excessive discharge, abnormal bleeding, dizziness, or intense itching ensue. These cases need instant medical attention. It takes around 30 minutes for the whole process. And once the process is done, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks for complete healing. Females can continue their work the next day but all stressful activities should be avoided.

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